Strategic enterprise planning

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Managing the company is fascinating … though, quite a few things are forgotten during the everyday. In most companies, their managers do not pay close attention to all aspects of business operations. However, there are many aspects: for example, we have to surpass competitors in recruitment and also packaging design. The manager must be well-versed in and react both to changes in customer sociology and regulatory changes in key export markets.
The manager must be well-versed in and react both to changes in customer sociology and regulatory changes in key export markets.

We offer: 1-day joint work in company diagnostics using EmSol methodology. During this event you will evaluate the company management in more than 25 areas. The result will allow you to assess which are the key areas to maintain and improve the competitiveness of the company.

Price: EUR 1000

Experience: Jēkabpils PMK, Fil & Ko

Only those who change will persist! Most of the changes in the world have been created by entrepreneurs – those entrepreneurs who can look into the future and, most importantly, shape their own chosen future. You also have intentions and dreams, although everyday life often delays their implementation. However, maybe now is the right time to start this?

We offer: 1-day joint work according to EmSol methodology, where we will evaluate the company’s development ideas and their place in the future of the world, as well as how your company will implement these goals. The analysis includes a brief overview of the necessary changes in the company and the impact of these changes on the company’s current operations, from workforce and bureaucracy to innovation and finance.

Price: EUR 1000

Experience: JPMK Plymer Concrete, JPMK Ekobetons, Fil & Co, Volvit, Vārdu vārti

Participation in exhibitions allows in a few days time to catch up the news in the business sector, get to know your competitors, meet potential partners and customers. If the company is well prepared for it, its achievements and plans are successfully presented in the exhibition, attracting both investors and customers.
Proficient preparation for the exhibition takes time and effort – it is necessary to choose the most suitable event, to prepare the visual and presentation materials, to learn about other participants and to agree on meetings during the short time of exhibition. Not every business has the opportunity to find time for these activities in parallel with daily work, and it is not always easy to entrust these concerns to others.

We offer: To prepare your company for an exhibition in 1 month or more extended period. We will jointly set the goals of the company’s participation, the desired format, prepare the presentation materials (visual identity, text, pictures, printed materials, website and presentation, other materials), as well as make the schedule for the work during the exhibition. We will do this with a strategic vision – so that you can achieve the best results in the long run.

Price: EUR 5000, plus the fees for the preparation of stand, if we agree on its necessity. Price does not include the participation costs in the exhibition.

Experience: Tina KVB, JPMK Ekobetons

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Although the entrepreneur meets both his customers and his closest competitors on a daily basis, not always there is a time to find out the general situation in the market, the latest trends in the technologies and methods. However, in the long run, the company will only succeed if it permanently follows up its competitors’ innovations, strengths and weaknesses, and market changes. There are many examples in business history when companies that have been unable to follow the technology or, for instance, fashion-driven changes, have been pushed out of favor by the market.

We offer: Perform a two-step analysis involving the client and preparing a concise report, which includes recommendations for future action as well. Under the first phase, an independent market analysis is carried out with a particular focus on current and projected changes. In the second phase, competitors’ study is carried out, identifying existing and emerging competitors, as well as assessing their weaknesses and strengths. Within the framework of the work, a short assessment of market risks and recommendations for further action is prepared as well.

Experience: Riga Outlet Village, Jēkabpils PMK, JPMK Ekobetons

Very often the organization’s carefully scheduled plans change when faced with reality. However, planning the activities increases the prospect of luck at least twice, because planning will cover even these areas, where the manager is less knowledgeable and, let’s be honest – less exciting to managers.
The planning of the organization’s development at the moment of transformations is not less needed. Are you planning to start a new product? Learn new markets? Buy a former competitor’s plant? Does not it threaten your existing business? How will you attract new employees? How will you protect your brand in the new export market? Do you have enough time or there is a risk to burn out?

We offer: To develop an organization development plan together with you. The plan will have a convenient format that can be used in everyday work, for example as posters. We will provide you with independent, critical insight to find out how to achieve your goals!

Experience: “Ērta atvērta grāmatvedība”, SIA “Excel”, Filkir, Aizputes novada dome, Engures novada dome, Mērsraga novada dome, Ventspils novada dome, organizācija ManaBalss

Latvian market is small. Sorry, not entirely correct – it’s microscopic. For some companies, it is large enough. However, most Latvian businesspeople sooner or later have to plan expansion into the markets of other countries.
Export activities need to be planned. Of course, you have to plan your actions abroad: logistics, taxes, trademark, legal protection, sale, and distribution. However, it’s at least as important to plan your efforts here, in Latvia! How will we ensure quality when the number of produced goods increases? Will we be able to get right raw materials? Where will we attract additional employees? How will we provide support to the customers who now are far away? Is the visual style and packaging of our company suitable for the international market?

We offer: Joint export planning activity. We will ensure both the identification of priority export markets, the planning of export activities and the attraction of partners in the selected markets. Within the framework of the work, we will also define the necessary changes in your company to initiate export activities, including ensuring compliance with the standards of production or service provision.

Experience: Jēkabpils PMK, Eurocollegia, Volvit

Enterprise development

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Support of state, European Union and international organizations to the businesses will continue. Any future-oriented, economically justifiable idea of Latvian entrepreneur has the potential to attract funding, for example from “Horizon 2020”, the European Space Agency or other funds, as well as from EU funds administered in our country. This funding should not be returned: it is an excellent opportunity to outpace competitors! However, it is true that drawing up a project application is not always easy and straightforward: even before the writing of the project proposal, the competition and success factors need to be assessed. To prepare the necessary descriptions and calculations, to attract partners one needs to spend much time and energy.

We offer: Timely high-quality project application preparation. The team of EmSol has gained extensive experience both in the successful writing of project applications and in the implementation of diverse projects – we know the risks that must be avoided!

Experience: PlayGineering, Ogres Tehnikums, Jēkabpils PMK, BeanPod, Filkir, Latvijas Handbola Federācija, Latvijas Kanoe Federācija, Materia Bikes, Partneris LV, Latvijas Spēkavīru Federācija.

Thus far Latvian companies have invested in innovations less than most other European countries. If this situation will continue, there is little hope to be successful in foreign markets and, after all, little chance of becoming a prosperous country. However, the situation is changing, and our entrepreneurs are increasingly striving to produce products and services, whose quality and performance are ahead of competitors.
For this companies need to seek cooperation with other partners – scientific institutes and other companies, which supplement the intentions of Latvian entrepreneurs. Such collaboration offers a great deal of benefit: it not only helps to innovate but also provides a broader perspective and new allies in other countries. Such a consortium of companies and institutes has excellent opportunities to raise funds for the realization of their intentions.
The creation of innovation consortia is by no means straightforward – not always the entrepreneur is proficient in communication with other countries’ scientists and entrepreneurs in other industries, this communication takes time and energy for the development of co-operation offers, selecting the most valuable partners and agreeing on concrete cooperation with them.

We offer: The consortium creation service based on EmSol methodology, which evaluates the company’s intentions, discovers potential co-operation partners abroad, develops the company’s cooperation offer, addresses potential partners and reaches agreement on joint co-operation activities.

Price: EUR 1500 per month, minimum length until the first results: 6 months.

Experience: Dynamic University, SIA “Alīna”

Although the history of the Internet is measured in several decades, this virtual environment is still very dynamic and rapidly changing. In the business world, the Internet is playing an increasingly important role – it’s becoming easier to sell the services and goods anywhere in the world, and unfortunately it is becoming increasingly simple to ruin the reputation worldwide by unexpectedly receiving critical feedback from strangers. In the past, the entrepreneur needed only a static website – now this website needs to be actively promoted and refined to be ahead of competitors, one has to be active in social networks, one needs to be in international or national Internet commerce networks.
Targeted and skilled activities on the Internet provide excellent results, especially for those companies that export their products. It’s even surprising to see that many of the competitors are not that skillful and it is relatively easy to overtake them in the Internet environment.

We offer: To build your company presence on the Internet. EmSol has extensive experience in online business activities, including creating the company’s content and visual image, developing simple and complex business websites, creating and maintaining social network profiles, implementing network campaigns, preparing photo and video materials.

Price: Website development: for comparatively simple website EUR 1 000 – 4 000. Setting up social networking accounts and social networking: starting at EUR 350 per month.

Experience: Armiks, Jēkabpils PMK, Volvit, Riga Outlet Village, JPMK “Polymer Concrete”, JPMK “Ekobetons”

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When the project financing is acquired, the entrepreneur has to fulfill the requirements of the financier. It is not always easy – often there are seemingly illogical requirements, one needs to deal with time-consuming and complicated bureaucratic procedures. The project application usually has to be implemented literally, even if during the project there are found ways to make it cheaper and more efficiently. Sometimes it seems that around the entrepreneur are intentionally set up traps and manager during his stressed daily work has to walk carefully between these traps. It’s worth to do it – after all, there is funding for a long-nurtured idea!

We offer: Unleash you from bureaucratic care by administering the project, including following the progress of the project, communicating with the financiers and preparing the necessary project reports. The team of EmSol has gained extensive experience in implementing diverse projects, including many millions of EUR worthy ones.

Experience: Jēkabpils PMK, Filkir, PlayGineering, organizācija ManaBalss

Transforming the company is not simple – in the process, the entrepreneur must simultaneously ensure the success of the existing company and secure introduction of far-reaching innovations. Perhaps the entrepreneur manages to do it – but is everyone successful in this? Are the company’s accounting and recordkeeping systems ready to serve a new shop or foreign representative office? Is the current corporate style and website suitable for the latest activities? Is it possible to attract new, suitable employees? Is there overload, which leads to mistakes and forgetting of essential things? You should not make mistakes here – both the planned innovations and the existing company can suffer!

We offer: To take up a part of the development process in your company, such as marketing, financial management, communication with partners, strategic and export planning and routine work planning.

Experience: Ogres Tehnikums, Jēkabpils PMK, JPMK Polymer Concrete, JPMK Ekobetons, JPMK CLT biznesa koncepcija