About Us

Aspiring to become a globally innovative group that will provide the customers with competitive advantages, help to fulfill their ambitions and create lasting values – we call ourselves the engineers of positive change. We work with companies and organisations, that have a high potential in the future.

Founded in 2014, the company started with a core team of few people. Since then team has grown and includes a capable network of experts-on-demand. Our distinct competencies are our analytic minds and skills in business development and administration, as well as a strong network of talented and trustworthy freelancers.

EmSol Consulting Values

We believe in business which is ethical, honest and transparent
We believe in business that helps common good
We believe in solid business not fictional get-rich-quick schemes
We believe in treating our clients as partners
We believe in our ability to help our clients and partners achieve high profitability
We believe in constant growth and learning
We believe in 100% accountability and 100% commitment
We believe in going extra mile
We believe in professional approach to everything we do
We believe in dream team not in a team of stars
We believe in celebrating wins and learning from failures together as a team
We believe in leadership from everybody when situation demands it
We believe in praising others in public and disagreeing in private
We believe in being on time is late, being 5 minutes early is on time
We believe in work which is respectful to each other
We believe in work that is challenging and engaging
We believe in short-term experimentatility and long-term sustainability