LLC “Jēkabpils PMK”

  • Business planning
  • CFLA project proposal development and administration (attracted funds 500 000 EUR)
  • Internet presence, marketing
  • Joint business partnership

Being one of the largest construction companies in Latvia with more than 200 employees and heritage that goes even 50 years in the past, we were honored to serve “Jēkabpils PMK” and help with their business challenges. The long-term relationship with “Jēkabpils PMK” has resulted in multiple services and finished projects. The collaboration started with relatively small project Business Plan and Project development for new manufacturing building for “Jēkabpils PMK” needs, which successfully allowed “Jēkabpils PMK” to invest 500`000 EUR in their new building with help of EU Funds through CFLA.

After 5 years of productive work together, “Emsol Consulting” and “Jēkabpils PMK” has jointly established two companies - “ JPMK Ekobetons” which will promote an innovative method of using concrete constructions and “JPMK Polymer Concrete” which develops new construction materials which include manufacturing polymer concrete elements.

More information about “Jēkabpils PMK” - https://jpmk.lv/


LLC “JPMK Ekobetons”

  • Business planning
  • Business operations and management
  • Internet presence, marketing, sales

More information about “JPMK Ekobetons” - https://ekobetons.lv/


LLC “JPMK Polymer Concrete”

  • Business planning
  • Internet presence, marketing, sales
  • Consultations on technological transfer
  • Market research

More information about “JPMK Polymer Concrete” http://polimerbetons.lv

LLC “PlayGineering”

  • Horizon 2020 SME Instrument consultations and initial proposals
  • LIAA project proposal development and administration

“Emsol Consulting” aided “PlayGineering Systems” through project administration process for EU Funded projects in LIAA. Project successfully was accepted and managed to the result that “PlayGineering Systems” could invest extra EU Fund money in their product development.

For Horizon 2020 “Emsol Consulting” helped out with consultations in guidelines how to successfully reach the project threshold not just in SME Instrument Phase 1, but as well in SME Instrument Phase 2.

More info about “PlayGineering Systems”: http://playgineering.com/

Wooden Bikes (Materia Bikes)

  • LIAA project development
  • Components of business development
  • Horizon 2020 consultations

Center for Vocational Education Competence “Ogres Tehnikums”

  • Establishment of an International Baccalaureate Carreer-related Programme
  • Administration of the IB Carreer-related Programme

More information on Ogre Technical school IBCP: http://www.ovt.lv/?option=com_content&view=article&Itemid=309&id=1403

Language service company “Vārdu Vārti”

  • Business planning
  • Business mentoring
  • Providing daily business administration

Accounting company “EuroCollegia”

  • Horizon 2020 grant programme consultations
  • Market research in a target country
  • Market planning and first sales entry steps, establishing cold sales tele-marketing system and testing the first stage of sales

LLC "JPMK Ekobetons"

LLC “Volvit”

  • preliminary analysis on the investment plans for a new logistics center with the total investment of 40 M EUR
  • Internet presence, marketing
  • Internet presence, website development


  • Consultations on external market growth activities
  • Horizon 2020 proposal development

World Strongmen Federation

Erasmus+ Sport collaborative partnerships feasibility analysis and consortium consultations

Blue Shock Bike

  • Consultations on external market growth activities
  • Business planning
  • Consultations on available external funding

Center for Strategic & Evaluation Services / EASME

Analysis of governmental support tools for new entrepreneurs and newly established businesses in Latvia